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About ISB

Information Security Bulletin is the world's leading professional journal in the field of information security. The publication enjoys a world wide readership with readers in more than 90 countries. It is available by subscription to information security professionals only.

Information Security Bulletin covers all aspects of information security, e.g. Internet Security, Network Management Issues, Biometrics, Smartcard Technologies and Development, Legal Issues, Cryptography, E-Commerce, Power Quality Issues, Policy Issues, Risk Management, Internal and External Threats, Identity Management, Woreless Computing and Malware.

Information Security Bulletin is written by the world's leading experts, including: Prof. Klaus Brunnstein, Prof. Fred Piper, Dr. Reinhard Wobst, Marcus Ranum, Dr. Gary McGraw and Bob Rosenberger. Among the editors are Dr E. Eugene Schultz, Ken Lindup, Phil Venables and Rene Pluis. These factors make Information Security Bulletin a preferred publication for publishing technical and scientific information security papers.

Information Security Bulletin also provides extensive coverage of Company and Product News, Training, Literature and Consultants. This makes ISB a superior Advertising Medium for Vendors of Products and Services as well as for Consultants and Training Providers.

ISB Contains Timely Information That You Don't Find Anywhere Else

This publication is no longer available