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Improved Web Security Services
26 Jun 12:59

MessageLabs, a provider of integrated messaging and web security services to businesses worldwide, has launched version 2.0 of its Web Security Services. The new services have been developed on a proprietary MessageLabs web scanning architecture and feature full integration with MessageLabs existing email and IM services.

At the heart of this integration is MessageLabs Skeptic technology, which has proven successful in stopping threats such as viruses, trojans, spam and phishing attacks across other communication channels. Skeptic allows the introduction of Converged Threat Analysis, taking recent threat and reputation information from other protocols, such as email, and applying that knowledge to web traffic, providing an high level of knowledge and protection for MessageLabs customers.

Increasingly, threats are converging across email, web, and IM. MessageLabs Intelligence analysis has recently seen more evidence of spammers employing spyware to make their campaigns more effective. There has also been a growing trend towards email and IM containing links to websites where malware or spyware is automatically downloaded, as opposed to the traditional method where the message itself has a piece of malware attached.

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