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Mary Landesman Joins ScanSafe
24 Oct 05:47

ScanSafe has appointment Mary Landesman as senior security researcher. Landesman, an anti-virus professional who recently served as content manager for the Microsoft Malware Protection Center (MMPC), Microsofts anti-malware research and response team, brings more than 12 years of experience to her new role.

ScanSafe also launched the Security Threat Alert Team (STAT) blog (link below), a real-time resource providing analysis and insight on the latest Web-borne threats and scams, tips on how to protect corporate assets from infection and observations on the threat landscape.

Landesman is responsible for ongoing management and analysis of threat data generated by STAT as well as reporting on threats and trends. She serves as the corporate spokesperson on Web threats and represents the company at industry events and forums. She is also the primary author of the ScanSafe STAT blog.

With a background in telecom security and technical training, Landesman entered the field of anti-virus software prior to the first macro virus, witnessing the evolution of computer viruses from isolated system threat to Internet scourge. She has worked in a consulting capacity for security firms including FrontBridge Technologies (acquired by Microsoft), Shavlik Technologies and Trend Micro. Landesman also served as a technical product manager for InDefense Inc. and as a technical support supervisor and communications manager for Command Software Systems.

Landesman attended Brevard College and served as a telecommunication specialist in the U.S. Coast Guard.

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