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Barracuda Joins Open Invention Network
13 Oct 03:31

Open Invention Network (OIN), the company formed to spur innovation and protect the Linux System, and Barracuda Networks, Inc., producer of email and Web security appliances, have announced that Barracuda Networks has signed a license agreement.

By becoming a licensee, Barracuda Networks has joined the growing list of companies who are supporting OIN to ensure Linux-based and open source intellectual property protection. Barracuda Networks joined OIN to help secure the future of Linux by building a legally protected environment where developers can innovate freely. A large number of Barracuda Networks products utilise the Linux Operating System.

Patents owned by Open Invention Network are available royalty-free to any company, institution or individual that agrees not to assert their patents against the Linux System. This enables companies to continue to make significant corporate and capital expenditure investments in Linux and open source helping to fuel economic growth. By developing a web of Linux developers, distributors, sellers, resellers and end-users that license its patent portfolio, OIN and its members are creating a shielded Linux Ecosystem that is a deterrent against organisations looking to harm or slow the pace of Linux and open source growth and adoption.

Barracuda Networks is an active member of the open source and free software communities, donating hardware, code, funds and other resources to fuel open source technology innovation and collaboration. The company combines its own technology with open source technology to provide affordable, easy-to-use and powerful network security appliances.

Open Invention Network has accumulated more than 100 strategic, worldwide patents and patent applications. These patents are available to all licensees as part of the patent portfolio that OIN is creating around, and in support of Linux. Through the accumulation of patents that may be used to shield the Linux System, including users of Linux software, OIN has reduced the need for offers of protection from others (such as Microsoft for example).

This makes it economically attractive for companies that want to repackage, embed and use Linux to host specialised services or create complementary products. Additionally, it helps ensure the continuation of innovation that has benefited software vendors, customers, emerging markets and investors.

[This is something we support. Patents should in general not offer any protection against inventors who reach the same functionality as one patented, even if done in the same way, provided they can document they have reached it independently and without plagiarism. --Ed].

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