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GRISOFT Acquires Business Partner AVG UK & Ireland
29 Sep 06:24

GRISOFT, makers of AVG internet security software, has acquired AVG UK & Ireland, its official business partner and authorised operator in the region since 2001.

GRISOFTs sales has largely been achieved through a worldwide network of local business partners and major resellers. With over 50 million users, AVG is cited by the IT news site CNet as one of the top 20 most downloaded software programs of all time. It is also consistently among the top three positions in Google searches for the key word anti-virus.

The AVG UK & Ireland operation has been a key factor in this growth. Last month AVG UK & Ireland announced a significant increase in first-quarter sales bookings year-on-year. A number of factors were responsible for this including the signing of new accounts and an above average number of licence renewals. The successful roll-out of AVG 7.5 Internet Security, the company's flagship product introduced at the end of 2006, also played a key role. Overall sales revenue for 2006 was up over 100 per cent on 2005.

GRISOFT has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time, said JR Smith, CEO of GRISOFT, and this is in no small measure due to our Channel-based sales model which has allowed us to penetrate successfully into many different markets around the world in a way that we could never have done ourselves while we were still a comparatively small business.

Today the business has grown to a size where we can afford to take a closer interest in certain key markets like the UK but we will continue to rely predominately on our channel for sales and always will.

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