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Maintaining Vista
29 Sep 05:06

Windows Vista Administration: The Definitive Guide - New Book From O'Reilly

In this book, Microsoft expert Brian Culp aims to help users of all stripes understand the most significant features of this new OS. "My book is especially targeted for administrators," says Culp. "It was updated with the latest news and information about Windows Vista until the moment it went to the printer. I've also set up a kind of 'living appendix' online. It's a web site where readers can get answers to questions not answered in the book.

The topics covered include:

  • a tour of what's new, including Aero, Sidebar, BitLocker Drive Encryption, and Vista Search
  • overview of all five versions of Windows Vista
  • getting started with workgroup networks, user profiles, and VPN connections
  • personalizing Vista with virtual folders, Flip 3D, and the new Control Panel
  • working with software and hardware, such as installing printers and storage devices
  • configuring Internet Explorer 7: phishing filters, cookies and privacy, the pop-up blocker, and RSS feeds
  • deploying Windows Vista: installation, imaging software, modules, and migrating data
  • optimizing performance: memory, processor, disks, applications, network, and command-line administration
  • security: auditing, disk quotas, account policies, user rights, group rights, and IP security
  • troubleshooting tips: the Startup repair tool, frozen applications, remote assistance, and backup and restore

Brian Culp, MCSE, MCT, is a recognized Microsoft expert who has been teaching and writing about Windows for many years. He is author or coauthor of seven books, including Windows XP Power Tools (Sybex, 2002), Outlook 2003 Bible (Wiley, 2004), Spring Into Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (Prentice Hall, 2005), and four MCSE study guides (McGraw Hill). He has also authored several tutorials for the Virtual Training Company. Culp lives in Overland Park, Kansas, and tours the U.S. giving presentations for Microsoft on Windows XP, Vista, Small Business Server, and Office 2007.

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