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Patchlink Acquires Securewave
22 Jun 11:33

PatchLinkR Corporation, provider of vulnerability management solutions, has announced that terms for the acquisition of SecureWave SA, provider of endpoint security products to more than 1,700 companies worldwide, have been agreed to in an all-stock merger.

The merger transaction is subject to the approval of SecureWave shareholders and is expected to be closed in the following weeks. The combination of these Common Criteria certified offerings creates a comprehensive security platform for unified protection and control of enterprise servers and endpoints. The acquisition follows closely on the heels of PatchLink's February, 2007 acquisition of Harris STAT.

SecureWave Sanctuary provides unified policy enforcement for centrally managing and monitoring device and application use to protect against data leakage and malware threats. By employing a positive security model, Sanctuary enables only authorised applications to run and only authorised devices to connect to laptops, PCs, servers, terminal services servers and thin clients. These capabilities, combined with PatchLink's vulnerability management solutions, provide organisations with enterprise-wide policy management to assess and prioritise vulnerabilities, enforce application and device security policies, and automatically patch and remediate vulnerabilities across their entire IT infrastructures.

As part of the agreement, Mangrove Capital Partners, an original investor in Skype and the primary shareholder in Securewave SA, will be given a seat on the PatchLink board.

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