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Free Spam Filter For Private Users
07 Jun 11:33

People who use e-mail privately at home, or for non-commercial purposes are able to use the anti-spam program, SPAMfighter Standard, for free for as long as they want.

SPAMfighter Standard offers private users the same functionality as the paid version, SPAMfighter PRO. The only differences between the paid version and the free version are the added features.

SPAMfighter Standard allows users to blacklist and whitelist 100 e-mail addresses and domains. With SPAMfighter PRO, this number is unlimited. Blacklists and whitelists are personal to the users account. SPAMfighter Standard users are still able to block as many spam mails as they wish.

The block feature in both the SPAMfighter Standard and PRO versions will report a spam mail to the SPAMfighter servers. Once the same e-mail has been blocked enough times, it will be filtered out for all other users in the future, making it so most of the SPAMfighter community never sees it.

SPAMfighter Standard users also have a signature in the bottom of their e-mails saying that they use SPAMfighter Standard, and how many spam mails SPAMfighter has blocked. With SPAMfighter Standard, users will also have a small commercial next to their SPAMfighter toolbar. This toolbar will advertise various things, including competitions offered by SPAMfighter.

When downloading SPAMfighter, all users will get the paid version of SPAMfighter PRO free for 30 days. After the 30 days, private users will be automatically downgraded to the free SPAMfighter Standard unless they choose to purchase the paid version.

SPAMfighter is a community spam filter of over 3 million users, making it unique from other spam filters available. If a SPAMfighter user receives a spam mail, they can report it with the click of a button. Once the same spam mail has been reported enough times, it will be automatically filtered for all other SPAMfighter users in the future. This means SPAMfighter users are constantly protected against the latest threats.

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