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Hand-held Analyzer Handles Faster Wireless LANs
07 Jun 11:27

AirMagnet Inc. has announced AirMagnet Handheld Analyzer 7.0, a hand-held tool for diagnosing and troubleshooting wireless LANs (WLANs), it introduces support for the 802.11g wireless LAN protocol.

In addition to the currently supported 802.11b adapters, Handheld Analyzer 7.0 includes support for the Summit Data Communications SDC-CF20G 802.11g Compact Flash Module with integrated antennas, to recognise and report on all 802.11g speeds and traffic information. The product also delivers the new pre-802.11n alarm, that lets an organisation protect and manage threats associated with these pre-standard devices. Furthermore, Handheld Analyzer 7.0 decodes and analyzes 802.11d information for those customers with devices implementing this standard.

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