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SSP Security Platform Extended
25 May 11:16

Clavister, a Swedish provider of emerging security technologies and vendor of commercial UMA security gateways, has announced Clavister InSight which provides security-intelligence by automatically collecting, correlating and reporting event data from any Clavister as well as a variety of multi-vendor network devices including routers and switches.

Clavister InSight delivers the following features:

  • GUI-based detailed event drilldown
  • user-definable event and threat-level classifications
  • heterogeneous real-time monitoring
  • real-time correlated alerting
  • real-time event management
  • correlated reporting
  • UTM activity reporting
  • vulnerability reporting
  • automated report generation and distribution
  • log archiving for compliance
    compliance monitoring and reporting
  • scalable search and activity investigation
    Clavister Security Service Platform (SSP) is the collective name for Clavister's family of security gateways, management systems and related services.

    The Clavister Security Gateway is an extended UTM product family with integrated functions such as firewalling, VPN, intrusion protection, antivirus protection, web content filtering, traffic management, authentication and more. The family is comprised of several models which cover the spectrum from protection of smaller offices to clustered systems in the multi-gigabit class for network operators.

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