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Protection for Optical Networks
24 May 01:24

Fibre optic networks can be compromised by taps and the security risk posed should not be underestimated. To address this problem, InfoGuard AG has developed an encryption solution that provides security in optical Gigabit Ethernet networks and thus prevents the theft of data and industrial espionage. EtherGuard encrypts information at the highest output ranges and throughput rates with no loss of performance and speed.

Today, the world of business would be inconceivable without fibre optic cables. However, the prevailing notion that fibre optic cables are particularly secure when compared with traditional copper wire is not borne out by the facts. Eavesdropping is child's play.

The only sensible and reliable way of protecting information and fulfilling existing compliance requirements without diminishing performance is to take advantage of encryption when connecting to the public network.

EtherGuard's solution is based on the following features:

  • 1 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet data encryption with AES
  • 100 per cent encryption performance and a stable latency time of less than 5 micro-seconds allowing the product to be used even in time-critical applications and heavily loaded links
  • simple network integration and minimum maintenance
  • central configuration, administration and monitoring

EtherGuard has been developed to meet the Common Criteria (CC) standard. Data are encrypted in accordance with the public Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) using a key length of either 128 or 256 bits. The keys change automatically without interrupting the links and without performance being compromised.

[Note: the press release does not in fact state that this product has been certified to CC --Ed].

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