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Cryptography Research, Inc. Expands Digital Content Security Team
10 May 05:48

Authoring Veteran Peter Cossack and Software Expert John-Mark Gurney Bring Experience in Security and Digital Video Engineering to Cryptography Research.

Cryptography Research, Inc. (CRI) has added Peter Cossack and John-Mark Gurney to its digital content security development and authoring team. Cossack and Gurney will help CRI continue to develop and implement Self-Protecting Digital Content (SPDC), the company's solution for securing digital content. CRI is expanding the SPDC team to meet the growing demand from movie studios wishing to utilize the technology on a variety of platforms, including the custom "BD" implementation used in the high definition Blu-ray Disc format. SPDC is designed to help mitigate attacks without revoking players or otherwise limiting reliability or playability.

As Director of Authoring, Cossack will be responsible for the management, planning, and production of CRI's BD authoring services business. Prior to joining CRI, Cossack was the DVD and technology operations production manager for HBO Network. There he supervised all technical aspects of standard definition and high definition disc authoring and production. Before joining HBO, Cossack worked for Crest Digital where he supervised DVD authoring.

Gurney joins CRI as a leading software engineer with deep expertise in audiovisual tool development and security. Prior to joining CRI, Gurney held engineering positions at nCircle Network Security, Vernier Networks, Azanda Network Devices, Ventana Technology, Credence Systems Corporation, Taos Mountain, Apple and nVidia. Gurney is an active participant in numerous open source software initiatives, and has made several notable contributions to the development of FreeBSD.

SPDC is a security platform created to protect and enhance the distribution of digital content. Designed so each clip of content can carry its own decoding software, SPDC enables content authors to determine which security threats need to be addressed by their content. This reduces the burden on player makers and provides content authors with the tools needed to manage piracy and deliver a consumer-friendly playback experience. SPDC's approach to combating piracy provides adaptive and renewable security for online and offline environments and enables much more flexible and unobtrusive use of content than traditional restriction-based digital rights management (DRM) systems.

[Whatever is protected by software can be broken by software... --Ed].

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