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Call for Papers
16 Mar 12:58

eema and ENISA have joined forces to produce the European e-Identity Conference, which examines the key challenges and strategies in effectively managing employee, citizen and private identities.

The conference provides an opportunity for identity experts to share their experience and knowledge with others, through case studies, presentations, networking, Q&A sessions and debate and for all participants to learn more about the most critical technical, business and legal issues in identity today. For example:

  • what are the advantages and shortcomings of the different models of e-identity management?
  • what are the main components of a secure e-ID management system and how do you choose between different product and service providers?
  • how do you solve the challenges of provisioning and deprovisioning?
  • what are the challenges of federated e-ID management?
  • what new technologies are on the horizon for e-ID?
  • how do you ensure interoperability of e-ID cards?
  • how can you measure the effectiveness of your identity and access management (IAM) implementation?
  • what legal parameters must you consider in implementing e-ID systems?
  • how do you balance the need for ID management and compliance with EU data protection law?

Eema is currently looking for speakers. If you are able to present a paper on any of the topics listed above, or on any other identity-related subject that you feel is important, then contact Fiona Hawkins at eema (URL below). The length of presentations is 25 minutes.

Conference details:
The European e-Identity Conference
eema's 20th Annual Conference
Managing Employee, Citizen and Private Identities
Paris, 13-14 June 2007.

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