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Software As A Service (SAAS) Conference in London
06 Feb 01:22

Delivery of Software as a Service (SaaS), replacing the previous purchase and license model, is to be the focus of a summit in London on March 21st 2007.

The Hosted Software Summit, which forms part of the 3rd Annual Data Centres Europe event, will explore themes from a vendor, purchaser and end user viewpoint, with an expert speaker academy including Salesforce.com, Akamai, NTT Europe Online, Attenda, 7Global, Acumen Solutions UK Ltd, COLT Telecom, The European Software Alliance, IBM and McKinsey & Co.

The debate will attempt to demystify SaaS which together with SOA and Web 2.0 characterise the driving forces shaping enterprise architectures today, and understand the current adoption by enterprises of hosted software services, which is occurring globally.

The summit will focus on the challenges and opportunities associated with the introduction of critical new technologies, and their implications and potential barriers for those engaged in the sector. Panels will consider whether the Internet is reliable as a delivery mechanism for hosted software services and what services, such as content acceleration, can be used to overcome potential problems.

The promise of Web2.0 will be assesses and when it will become a practical reality and the benefits of this evolution. In the final analysis, the summit will reach conclusions on who stands to gain - and lose - from the adoption of migrated software and whether the customer will emerge as the winner.

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