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Secure Data and Financial Transactions Conference
11 Jan 04:00

The International Financial Cryptography Association (IFCA) will hold its 11th international conference "Financial Cryptography and Data Security 2007" February 12-15 at the Hilton Tobago Resort in Trinidad and Tobago.

The conference is a major international forum for research, advanced development, education, exploration, and debate regarding security in the world of finance and commerce. Its scope includes all aspects of secured transactions and systems, from cryptography and payment systems to fraud prevention and secure IT infrastructure.

The conference attracts top cryptographers, data-security specialists and scientists as well as economists, bankers and policy makers, who come together to exchange ideas on both the fundamental aspects of secure applications and real-world deployments. Over the last decade, attendees have explored the hottest issues in financial cryptography and data security, from online payment systems such as PayPal to electronic voting.

This year, presentation topics will include phishing prevention, virtual credit cards, onion routing, e-cash and the vulnerabilities in RFID-enabled credit cards, and the insecurity of PINs.

Among this year's keynote speakers is computer and banking security expert Mike Bond, security director at Cryptomathic. Bond holds a doctorate in computer security from the University of Cambridge and is a published expert on EMV/chip and PIN, security application programming interfaces (APIs) and hardware security modules (HSMs).

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