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This Year's COSAC Conference (Oct 1-5)
15 Sep 11:10

COSAC, the international security conference that almost every year hosts a startling presentation that reverberates throughout the global security community, will this year be held in County Kildare, Ireland on 1-5 October 2006.

Organised by committed security professionals rather than a commercial conference agency, COSAC is nonetheless highly relevant to commerce and attracts security, business and government delegates from across the world. This year COSAC offers a choice of four full day forums or Master Classes and 33 conference sessions with optional half-day workshops.

Topics will include the risks that Voice over IP may introduce to an enterprise, budget perspectives on enterprise security, the impending impact of the Vista operating system on security and forensics, procurement risk and social engineering and enterprise and customer attack profiles.

"COSAC delegates have the opportunity to spend time with top security experts who understand the real-world needs of commerce," explained David Lynas, COSACs Conference Organiser. "It provides a non-commercial atmosphere where security issues can be discussed in complete confidence. Over COSACs first twelve years we have hosted some astonishing presentations that have rocked the security world and helped prompt reassessments of some fundamental security assumptions and principles."

Lynas continued: "Last year, for example, Paul Kocher of Cryptography Research Inc used Differential Power Analysis to expose weaknesses in smart cards that were thought to be secure. In 2004, David Naccache of GemPlus, allowed non-government security professionals to witness for the first time the recreation of classified documents after they had undergone supposedly secure editing to remove highly sensitive material. In 1999, Vince Gallo, of Inforenz, now part of Detica, launched a simulated Bunratty Attack to show the vulnerability of governments and corporations to asynchronous information warfare via email. This year, no-one yet knows what the biggest revelation will be."

This years speakers include:

Professor Brian Collins, Vice President of the British Computing Society
Erik Guldentops, Special Advisor to IT Governance Institute and Head of ISACAs CObIT Project
Vince Gallo, Head of Forensics Technology at Inforenz, Detica
Andy Clark, President of the International Association for Cryptologic Research and Head of Forensics at Inforenz, Detica
John OLeary, Director of the Computer Security Institute
David Canavan, Lead Consultant on the post-Katrina Homeless Management Information Systems Project.

[This is a highly recommended event, among the very best conferences in the world. If your budget allows only on annual conference, this is it! Your humble editor will of course be there. --Ed].

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